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How to focus on yourself after a break up

How to focus on yourself on yourself after a breakup.

I used to be that girl that needed the company of a man. Until I started focus on myself and learning to love myself. Now, I would choose myself over anyone. It wasn’t overnight; it was a gradual progression.

1. Do fun things with myself, taking yourself on dates. Go to an art museum, try a new restaurant, or go for on a mini road trip. Why wait for anyone to go with you. Take yourself and enjoy the day on your terms.

2. Try to talk to yourself in a positive way. What do you love about yourself?

3. Start a self-love journal. Write nice encouraging things to yourself. When you’re in a good mood, only write positive things to yourself. Like I’m proud of you for your accomplishments and list them. On your bad days, read it to lift yourself up. One bad thought can destroy all your good ones.

4. Take it easy on yourself if you feel sad. Accepted that. After a breakup you will have bad days and good days. Just accept it, it’s a normal part of healing. Take the time you need to heal, cry if you need to, don’t ignore how you feel. The way out, is through it. The longer you fight the feelings, the longer they will be there.

5. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Do it! I took dance lessons, cooking classes and start the business you’ve always wanted to. Use the extra time to invest in yourself. Investments in yourself are never a waste. Get out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve always wanted to.

6. Things ended for a reason and that you found that one person, you will find someone else. Every failed relationship is a steppingstone to your new one. What lessons can you take away? How can you improve yourself for yourself?

7. Take all the things you used to do for that person, the effort, the time and do it for you. You have a lifetime to spend with someone else. You will never get the time you have with yourself back. As a woman, I know how selfless we can be. When you’re single, that’s the time to be selfish and do things for you.

8. Improve your life, step up your game, mediate, work out and most of all enjoy your life.

You will never regret spending time with yourself. Read lose me a poetry book about a toxic relationship and the importance of loving yourself: Lose me

Books available by author: Last Kiss A love like ours Media links: Poetry resurrection podcast with Sonia Iris Lozada The not so bad bachelor pad with Joshua Jones The failure guy podcast with Ben Currier What I learned from with Forrest Stevens - You tube

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